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The notorious - and hilarious – homegrown scandal of jealousy,
lust, and murder that shocked a small England town.

The City Theatre is thrilled to present the dark comedy thriller Arden of Faversham
written by, well, we’re not for sure. In fact, no one is, which makes the scandal that
shocked a small England town much more fascinating. The production runs
Thursday through Sunday, April 29 – May 22 at City Theatre, Austin.

“When was I so long in killing a man?” – Black Will

For the quiet, little town of Faversham, it never knew what was about to happen...
No one knows who wrote this deliciously dark and funny Elizabethan crime drama, though
claims have been made for Christopher Marlowe, Thomas Kyd, and even the bard himself,
William Shakespeare. Whoever it was, he (or she) appears to have been memorably bitter
and twisted. Based on a real-life homicide that shocked England in 1551, the production
chronicles an unfaithful wife who, in concert with her lover and two floundering hit-men, sets
about murdering her powerful husband. Murder. Greed. Adultery. Lust. Colorful criminal
conspirators. Do they succeed? No spoilers, if that's possible for a play that is over 400
years old.

“Gentlemen, we hope you’ll pardon this naked tragedy wherein no filed points are
foisted in to make it gracious to the ear or eye. For simple truth is gracious
enough, and needs no other glossing stuff.”

This rarely performed production has been given new life! Fully staged and produced,
and with a distinct contemporary twist - part Elizabethan theatre, part Tarantino and Coen
Brothers – the show is led
by guest director Kevin Gates. Gates is a faculty member
for Texas State University Theatre and
directed the successful Macbeth in 2013,
which was honored as Best Production by BroadwayWorld Austin.

Starring J. Kevin Smith, Bridget Farias Gates, Nolan Blair, Laura Ray,
Cody Jenkins, Courtney Bailey Parker, Victoria Barton Rosenthal, David Paul,
Nathan Ford,Lorin Craft, Levi Gore, Robert Stevens, and Ameer Mobarak.

Arden of Faversham
April 29 - May 22. Thursday - Saturday 8:00 pm. Sunday 3:00 pm.
The City Theatre, 3823 Airport Blvd. Suite D. 78722.
General Seating $15. Front/2nd Row Reserved $20-25. Thursday all seats $10.
Tickets at the door $20. Group and student discounts.
For reservations, call 512-524-2870 or e-mail
April 29 - May 22