The City Theatre Company
The City Theatre Team
The City Theatre is the city's theater, a world class performing arts venue established for Austin directors, designers
and performers who have one goal: the continued excellence in stage performances and the desire to bring that quality,
committment, and service to the central Texas theatrical community.
Contact Us
PO Box 9159
Austin, Texas 78766
Director and General Manager - Andy Berkovsky
Production Team Leaders - Clay Avery and Jeff Hinkle
Advisory and Programming Committee - Tracy Hurd,
R. Michael Clinkscales, and Kevin Smith
Costume Designers - Lindsay McKenna, Bert Flanagan,
Kaylee Silcocks, Ronni Prior, Scout Gutzmerson
Christina L. Manley, Erin Schreck, and Rosalie Oliveri
Publicity and Sound Design - Jeremy White
Show Photography - Aleks Ortynski
Scenic Painting - Jennifer Cunningham
Technical Production Assistants - John Kolkhorst,
Rod Mechem, Gene Berry, and Gwen Balboa
On the Road Venue Manager - Sammy Panzarino
Box and Concessions Coordinator - Kate Knapek
Show Management Team - Stephen Reynolds,
Connie Dasse, Ron Hughes, Elizabeth Stehl,
Linda Corley, Carol Dye, Valencia Lee,
and Sigrid Levi-Baum
PO Box 9159 Austin, TX 78766     512-470-1100