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                    AUSTIN ACTS!
                          Guidelines and Procedures

GENERAL INFORMATION. The City Theatre Company is dedicated in providing a quality, reputable, and diverse public theatre and stage
entertainment experience that is accessible to all artists and the entire central Texas community. In the current crisis, Austin Acts! is one way in finding a
safe, supportive, and challenging opportunity for actors to learn and grow in their craft, as well as, bringing the theatre and entertainment community
together in this uncertain time, and have fun doing it!  

Everyone is welcome to participate, no matter your experience or talent level.

*This is a solo performance competition open to all central Texas actors and performers. One initial entry per person and there is no cost to participate.

*Maximum time limit is 5 minutes.

*THE MATERIAL. Your preliminary entry material can be from any source, including theatre, film, TV, prose, poetry, original, or combination.                   
Examples: one source and one character (traditional monologue); selections from a source/different sources performing multiple characters; an original
piece with a first person narrative and characters. Be creative!

*No other performer(s) should be heard or seen in the performance.

*Times begins when recording starts.

*Please slate/give introduction at the beginning of the performance: “Hi, my name is _______. I am from ______ (City) and I will be performing
____________. Your intro. can say “selections from” or “an original piece or work by.”  

*Focus can be directly to the camera, off-focus, or a combination of both.

*No costumes, but appropriate clothing may be worn fitting of the performance.

*Any location can be used; however, the camera must remain in a STATIONARY position, and the recording should be one continuous take with no cuts.
No zooms permitted with the recording as one fixed static shot.

*One chair, one hand prop may be used.

*Singing, incidental music or sound, or instrumental talent is acceptable as part of the performance. However, 30 seconds maximum is allowed, whether
it is by itself or done within the performance.

*Austin Acts! welcomes diversity and creativity in the performance and material. However, nudity, abuse, and hate speech will not be accepted in this

*All judges' decisions are final.

*THE CHALLENGE. As you advance to each level of the competition, you will be asked to prepare additional material.  More information is below. The
goal is to challenge you and help you grow as an actor. In the final round event - and to a live audience - competitors will perform their three advancing
selections as a collection.

*The competition is all-inclusive, with no division of actor and actress, as example. We do ask that performers are 18 years or older. If this grows, we
hope to add a kid’s and teen’s edition of Austin Acts!

*THE JUDGES. Judges will consist of no less than three industry professionals in varying fields, including but not limited to theatre directors, casting
directors, talent agents, producers, and working actors and professionals. Participants will be assigned in random groups and ranked with top
performers in each group moving on to the next level of the competition. Again, all judge’s decisions are final.

*City Theatre and Austin Acts! retains all rights to the submitted recorded performances for use in marketing, promotions, distribution, and shared artistic
purposes. If agreed upon and permitted by participants at a later date, video performances will be used for an actor data base to be used by central
Texas directors and production teams in casting.

*Prizes awarded to top winners, finalists, and semi-finalists.

*ENTRY DEADLINE IS JUNE 20, 2020. Submit your entry to and be sure to include your name, phone
number, and email address in your emailed submission.
By making your submission, you have read and understood all of the above guidelines and
rules of Austin Acts!  

Performance Rounds:

Prelims         Your choice of material
Quarters       Choice from selected playwrights
Semis           An original work with selected themes
Finals            A collection of your three performances

Break a leg!
Submit your entry to
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Quarter-Finals Playwrights

William Shakespeare        
Arthur Miller
Tennessee Williams
Edward Albee
David Mamet
Tom Stoppard
Neil Simon
Marsha Norman
Wendy Wasserstein
Beth Henley
August Wilson
Neil Labute
Anna Deavere Smith
Lynn Nottage
Paula Vogel
Terrence McNally
Martin McDonagh