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The City Theatre is the city's theater, a world class performing arts venue established for Austin directors, designers
and performers who have one goal: the continued excellence in stage performances and the desire to bring that quality,
committment, and service to the central Texas theatrical community.
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Thornton Wilder’s great American play!

The iconic Pulitzer Prize-winning classic presents life, love, and death in
Grover’s Corners, a small American town much like any other. Children
grow. Couples marry. And loved ones pass. Yet, in this simple place, a
profound story emerges. Ordinary people lead extraordinary lives, and the
hopes and dreams of a community expand into questions about meaning
and purpose. It is a poignant portrayal where the seemingly simplest of
relationships and feelings provide the deepest echoes, and it reminds us to
cherish all of life’s most precious moments, no matter how small.

With Shelley Auer, Bob Beare, Jeffrey Burgess,
Max Crossland, Delilah Garcia, Christopher Herod,
Joseph Middleton, Trish Morrison, Sherry O’Connor,
George O’Connor, Jo Rake, Michelle Schaefer,
Catherine Williams, Chuck Winkler, and Vanessa Woods.

Directed by guest director Matthew Shead.
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