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Amplify Austin
March 1, 2018
Show your support for City Theatre!
We are excited to announce that City Theatre will again be part of Amplify
Austin happening March 1st. Along with the “Toast to the Arts” party planned
for the big event, we will be working around the clock that day raising
additional funds to keep us going strong. We hope you can help with your

24 Hours to Crank Up the Giving! We ask for your support.

Amplify Austin is a one day city-wide fund raising event that provides a
simple way for our entire community to give together and help hundreds of
local non-profits. In 2017, more than 500 groups of all sizes, and in all areas
of service, participated, all of which play an important role in making Austin a
better place to live. The “I Live Here, I Give Here” campaign believes in
amplifying the power of your generosity!

Now, crank up the giving for live theatre entertainment! Does your
donation count? Large or small, it does.

Last year, City Theatre was able to raise over five thousand dollars through
the Amplify fund raising event. That is incredible! Our 2018 Amplify goal is
again $5000. It’s a lot, and I know we can do it. The additional funds we
raise is so vital, going toward sponsorship of our upcoming shows All My
Sons, Ruthless!, The Grapes of Wrath, and Tommy, improvements of our
lighting and theatre equipment, production costs of costumes and scenery,
and to our company of artists whose time and talent make what happens at
City Theatre so special. With your generosity, I know we can continue
producing great theatre entertainment and reach our 2018 goal.


Click on Donate Now. Make your donation and put
“The City Theatre Company” in Special Instructions. That's it!
An email will be sent to you confirming your donation.

If you search Amplify, we are part of Austin Creative Alliance. Go to their
page, click “View all Fundraisers.” Again, be sure to put “The City Theatre
Company” in Special Instructions.
You can make your donation now which
will be credited on the day of Amplify. As incentives, Amplify Austin also
honors those nonprofit groups who are able to raise the most donations in
their specific category. Pretty cool! So, any amount you give will go towards
our own Amplify goal and much more.

Help support what the arts do for Austin. Your gift is greatly appreciated.