The City Theatre Company
2020 Acting and Auditioning Series
for Austin actors and performers
The City Theatre is the city's theater, a world class performing arts venue established for Austin directors, designers
and performers who have one goal: the continued excellence in stage performances and the desire to bring that quality,
commitment, and service to the central Texas theatrical community.
The Art and Craft for Beginning Actors
Begins March 2020.
nonsense class teaching Austin stage actors what is needed in mastering a
perfect audition. Includes discussion of different auditioning techniques and
methods of preparation; ways to handle the dreaded cold reading; how to project
your desired image and transforming to look the part; presentation and critique of
audition material and help on finding good selections; doing your homework with
contacts for headshots, updating resumes, actor networking and where to find
local auditions and casting. CLASS EXTRA: Attendance of four sessions
includes your invitation to participate in City Theatre’s Speak It Loud Showcase
performed one Saturday afternoon each month. Invite agents, directors, fans to
come take a look at your work on stage. Classes Saturday 9:30 – noon.
Beginning February 13 – Ongoing. Led by CTC Artistic Director Andy Berkovsky.

ACTUALLY, ACTING! A conventional approach on the discipline of acting
coaching actors through monologue and scene work, handling different theatre
genres and acting styles, character development, text analysis, and mastering
the use of the body and voice. Beginning February 13 – Ongoing.
Led by CTC Artistic Director Andy Berkovsky.

Private classes also available.

Areas explored in class are:

-Developing body consciousness, control, and awareness
-Relaxing and overcoming fear of the moment
-Developing focus and concentration skills
-Creating objectives, purpose, and intentions
-Creating inner imagery and finding emotional triggers
-Creating the character’s physical life
-Exploring the setting
-Experiencing sensory work
-Discovering your personal discipline and practicing
  moment to moment living in the performance.
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